Tips for Keeping a House Clean

A clean home is a priority with many people for all of the right reasons, though it often is difficult to get the home looking the exact way that each person prefers. Or is it? All it takes is access to the right information to help each home look the best it can possibly be. So, take a look at these diverse tips for keeping a house clean and see which ones can best apply to a family’s routine and schedule so that a clean house is as easy. A clean house can be created properly when the right steps are taken.

Always focus on maintaining one clean room

Even with the best of intentions, all rooms get cluttered and dirty. So, for helping keep sane while getting through a rough part in terms of having time to clean (family emergencies, temporary hectic schedules, etc) it’s a good idea to focus on having one room that is always clean. For many, it’s the bathroom. But, maybe it’s the kitchen or the bedroom or the laundry room. Just pick one room and focus on that being a clutter-free and clean room. When the mess feels like it is piling up elsewhere, take some time in this clean room, remember that it’s not the entire house, and that can provide the energy to get back out there.

Stick to two messes at a time

When it comes to kids, or to other family members, put a “two messes” rule in place. For example, kids can have two messy toys going at the same time, but when they want to add in a third mess, one of the first two messes must be cleaned up. It gives them time and focus to figure out which mess they want the least. If there are older children or adults, the same rule applies. Video games and homework messes are okay, but one must be cleaned up before another activity can start. This rule can apply to each person in the house, and soon everyone will be picking up after themselves without even thinking about it.

Declutter regularly

Sometimes there is just simply too much stuff. So, take the time regularly to declutter. Maybe it’s clothes, toys, paperwork, recycling, etc. Every month, or every two months, decluttering is a great activity that can make a difference to your home’s capacity and comfort. It won’t be garbage bags of stuff each time, as decluttering will be done so regularly that it may only be a small bag or basket of things. This is a good thing, not a bad thing. Get each person to do some decluttering or their own possessions.

Clean at night, not in the morning

There’s nothing worse than getting up in the morning and seeing a pile of messes such as dishes or laundry. So, get ahead of the curve by doing it before going to bed each night. Not every single scrap of mess needs to be done, but the majority of the bigger messes should be started before going to bed. It’ll make the morning chores much easier and it means that the tasks before going to bed will make each person feel successful, too.

Add in the kids

There’s no questions that kids are huge mess-makers, so make them part of the solution, too. Even if it’s just picking up their toys or helping fold laundry, kids can be great little minions for when messes need to be cleaned up. Get them to clean their rooms regularly, keep their toys in a set place, and keep their homework in one specific spot, too. This will cut down on the mess and then when the time comes to clean, they can help with dish-drying or other tasks that cut the time down in a big way. The specific chores they are assigned can vary depending on their age, of course, but make sure those kids work to keep the house clean!

Do a bit each day

Most people leave all of the cleaning to one day, or to the weekend and it makes the tasks much worse and crazier. The trick is to do a little bit of cleaning every single day. Don’t let the dishes build up, and don’t allow the laundry to become Mount Everest. Make sure that floors can be seen with clear view. Just 15 minutes each day can make a huge difference in the cleaning routine and schedule. Whether it’s a revolving chore day, or simply dabbling a little bit here and there, find a way that works in terms of keeping on top of the mess.

Groom the pet regularly

Pets, like kids, are big creators of messes. So, put the time and effort into grooming the pet regularly and looking at something like cleaning their feet off after walks in the mud. This will help cut down on the tufts of dog fur and the dirt and grim all over the house from the animal wandering around. Nail trimming is also a great idea as it will keep the home from getting damaged, especially the floors and the furniture (especially with cats).

Consider slipcovers

Slipcovers are often thought-of as “granny-ish”, but they can make a difference on your couch or bed or armchair. Slipcovers can be patterned, plain, or even transparent, and they’ll be as simple as throwing in the washing machine to get the fur, dirt, hair and more out of them. They can also help keep those key pieces of furniture fresh and looking their best over time, no matter how often they are used by family members (both furry and human).

Helping a home stay clean is as simple as putting these tips to use and focusing on how each of them are going to be aiding in everyday options to make this often overwhelming task all that much easier. Each one can be adapted for every household out there.

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