Review of Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Cats and Dogs

Safari Professional Nail Trimmer
Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

A visit to professional groomers may not be your idea of fun as the cost associated with maintaining your pet’s hygiene can sometimes become too much to handle. And that is why pet parents are always on the lookout for a product that will save them the trouble of running to the groomers every time their pet needs some quick fixing.

With a plethora of grooming products available in the market, you can easily make sure that you and your furniture stays safe from the deadly paws of your pet. Contrary to the common belief that only cats are the scratchers in the family, dogs love to scratch too, although they go about it in a subtler way.

And if you have a cat, then God save you! It all sounds quite fun when playing with your feline friend, but wait till they feel the urge to scratch. Nothing in your house will be safe from their nails once they get started. Even if you get them a scratching pole, the satisfaction they get from tearing up your sofa cannot be rivaled.

Even if you are lucky enough to have a pet who does not scratch, they will scratch, unintentionally. The hardwood floor you love so much is soon going to feel like sandpaper. So do what most pet parents do; get the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for your pet and save yourself from all this hassle.


The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer is a must-have accessory for all pet parents who value their belongings and are concerned about the health of their pet. It provides you with extra safety and excellent results. Here are some of the features of this amazing and handy product.

  • Size – The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer comes in two sizes that can easily cater to the needs of your pet, whether they are small or large. The standard size is perfect for small, medium and even some large pets.
  • Style – The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer features an ergonomic design that is lightweight and user-friendly. With this feature, using the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer is an easier option than setting an appointment for a professional groomer. The convenience offered by the product has made it a favorite of many pet parents around the world as it makes grooming almost effortless.
  • Quality – The high quality of the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer is unrivaled in the market, and with their years of expertise, you will have the peace of mind of getting a high-quality product that will last a long while. The quality for each set of trimmers is the same as used by professional groomers. So, not only are you getting convenience but you are also saving money on your pet’s monthly grooming bills.
  • Versatile – Do you own cats and dogs? There is no need to buy different nail trimmers for the two. The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer is versatile and can easily accommodate the grooming needs of your canine companions and feline friends, of all sizes.
  • Safety Stop – For your convenience, the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer comes with a safety stop. The major concern for pet owners, who groom their pets at home, is the dread of injuring or causing pain to their pet. With the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer’s special feature, you can easily measure the small portion of the nail that can be clipped off. Just flip down the switch, and you are good to go. This makes your pet’s grooming session simple for you and convenient for your pet.
  • Comfort Grip – The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer features a comfort grip, which simplifies the whole process and makes sure you and your pet do not feel any discomfort. The slip is anti-slip, making it easier for you to cut evenly without any accidents happening.
  • Swift Cutting Action – The sharp, stainless steel blades of the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer facilitate clean and crisp cutting action, making sure that your pet does not get hurt at all. The sharp edge steel construction makes the product reliable and effective.
  • Stainless Steel Blade – The rust resistant blade is equipped to handle all types of nails. For your convenience, it is advised that you trim the nails right after your pet has had a bath. Or you can let them soak for a few minutes. That will make the process easier for you and your pet will not feel any pain. The blade is made up of sturdy stainless steel that provides precision and convenience at the same time, ensuring that the grooming session is not too much of a hassle.
  • The Ultimate Trimming Tool – Is the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer loved by pet parents? Yes, it is, and it is all because the product is the ultimate nail trimming tool, which can accommodate nails of all shapes and sizes.

Why Choose Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

It is a simple fact of life that cats are going to scratch and eventually they might end up hurting you or themselves. Also, take into account the smooth fabric of the furniture and the flawless surface of the floor in your house. They too, would have to bear the consequences. With the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer, you will have the convenience you have always been looking for. No more spoiled clothes; no more scratched furniture and your arms are also going to be safe from your pet’s wrath.

When you can easily fulfill the grooming needs of your pet at home, there will be no need for costly grooming appointments, and the best thing is, your pet gets to enjoy a carefree time.

What Is It Lacking

The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer does have a lot of helpful features to simplify the grooming process, but among all those advantages, a small disadvantage still remains.

The blades might need to be sharpened now and then. It is quite easy but can be a hassle if you need to get the grooming done quickly. Blunt blades might injure your pet so make sure the blades are sharp before you start trimming.

The safety stop is adjustable so that it cuts in small amounts, but you cannot adjust the depth of the cut. You have to be vigilant and make sure you do not cut the quick.

Final Verdict

The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer is a great product that provides you with the simplicity and convenience of grooming your pet at a reasonable price. So say goodbye to the hefty professional grooming bills and say hello to convenience.

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