Review of Nespresso Lattissima Plus Coffee Machine

Nespresso Lattissima Plus Coffee Machine
Nespresso Lattissima Plus Coffee Machine

Wake up to a delicious cup of coffee every morning and not just on special occasions. A custom latte on the way to work isn’t just a rare splurge thanks to newer coffee makers on the market today.

Now, you have a way to make coffeeshop-quality coffee at home without having to wait in line during your morning commute. With the Nespresso Lattissima Plus Coffee Machine, it doesn’t have to be!

Nespresso Lattissima Plus Coffee Machine is the answer to your coffee dreams. This small but capable espresso machine provides you with the ideal latte-maker components you need at the touch of a button.

Nespresso Lattissima Plus Coffee Machine Features

With included espresso making and milk frothing capabilities, the Nespresso Lattissima Plus Coffee Machine brings the coffee shop experience right to your kitchen counter. You don’t have to wait in line or examine complicated menu options. Program the Nespresso Lattissima Plus Coffee Machine to remember your favorites and have it deliver the perfect cup of coffee every time. The consistency and delicious coffee are what customers love the most about this product.

Here are some of the key features of the Lattissima Plus.

  • Single unit with two functions – The Lattissima Plus brews espresso and froths milk all in one machine. This takes up less space on your counter. It also means you just have to work with one machine to prepare your coffee from start to finish.
  • Single touch hot milk system – Steamy, frothy milk each time you make a latte by using the intuitive hot milk system. You don’t have to worry about splashes or figuring out a complicated mechanism. Just push a button and steam.
  • Removable milk tank – The milk tank comes out for easy filling and cleaning. It slides out of the front of the machine. It’s self-contained, so it doesn’t create a mess everywhere.
  • Clean button for milk tank – Don’t worry about accumulating grossness in your milk tank. Press the clean button to give it a thorough washing and remove old milk residue or any other unpleasant bits left behind.
  • Illuminated panel – An illuminated panel makes it easy to spot the drink selection you want. You no longer have to stumble around in a dark kitchen when you first rise out of bed. Now you can make your latte without disturbing the rest of the house when you turn on your kitchen lights.
  • Multicolor machines – The Lattissima Plus comes in Black, White, Red and Stainless Steel that complement your home decor.
  • Three milk options – Choose your milk frothing options to add a little or a lot of foam to your latte. With customizable selection, try your hand at making cappuccinos, macchiatos, and more.
  • Two coffee selections – Choose from espresso and lungo coffee sizes to mix up your coffee for different times of the day. Espresso works best when paired with milk options, but the beauty of the Lattissima Plus is that you don’t have to choose. Do whatever strikes your fancy and find your perfect drink!
  • Nespresso Grand Cru capsule system – The Lattissima Plus contains an integrated Nespresso capsule system right in the unit. That means you can access your favorite Nespresso drinks or make one of the artisan-crafted blends your new usual. The Nespresso capsules are easy to use and provide a dependable, delicious cup of coffee with every use.
  • Adjustable auto-off timer – Save energy with an adjustable auto-off setting that turns the Lattissima Plus off after a certain amount of inactive time. This way, you don’t need to wonder whether you remembered to turn the espresso machine off before you went to work in the morning.
  • Sliding drip tray – A sliding drip tray moves up and down to accommodate your coffee cup, no matter how tall it is. If you want one shot, you can slide the drip tray up close to the spout to hold your shot glass. Remove the drip tray and fill your insulated travel mug as you head out the door.
  • Coffee shop elegance – With its sleek, classy design, the Lattissima Plus is a professional-looking espresso machine. Its crafted angles, muted tones and aligned segments speak of Italian design. This unit looks like it belongs in a high-end coffee shop.
  • One-touch latte options – Simplify your coffee routine with one-touch coffee dispensing. Customize your milk and coffee options and let the machine do the rest as soon as you select the brew option.
  • Welcome kit – Each Lattissima Plus comes with a welcome kit that contains a variety of Nespresso pods. You also receive informational paperwork about warranties and the Nespresso Club.
  • Self-priming features – You don’t need to worry about getting the Lattissima Plus up and ready to go. With its self-priming features, it warms itself right up and prepares to brew coffee for one or for the whole family.

What sets the Nespresso Lattissima Plus Coffee Machine Plus apart?

The Lattissima Plus is different than other espresso machines on the market in several ways. The biggest difference is that this unit makes the home coffee shop experience easy and approachable for coffee lovers of any skill level.

Sure, there are higher-powered espresso machines on the market. Many of them come with complex instruction manuals and a prerequisite advanced understanding of coffee preparation. For the non-barista, these machines might be too intimidating to even consider adding to a home kitchen. Don’t forget the price tags on high-end machines that can rival budget-priced motor vehicles!

Lower-end espresso machines require some knowledge of espresso prep. They may not include a milk frother. That requires the purchase of two machines to create coffee shop favorites. Many models still require espresso beans and a grinder, both of which can get messy and add a lot of time to your coffee-making routine.

With all of the options and additions that some standard espresso machines require, most people just go to the coffee shop for a latte or cappuccino. This is why the Lattissima Plus is such a relief for coffee lovers.

The Lattissima Plus cuts through all of the noise. You don’t need technical skills and complicated machines to make espresso the traditional way. With the Lattissima Plus, all you need to know is what drink you like and how to push a button.

The expert design and perfect calibration of the Lattissima Plus puts years of coffee skill and mastery into one powerful machine. The small appliance delivers perfect beverages straight to your cup. You don’t mess with coffee grounds. There’s no coffee knowledge required.

When you’re on the go, or just want a great cup of coffee, there is no better alternative than the Lattissima Plus. The machine prepare all of your coffee shop favorites that you love. Best of all, this happens right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The Lattissima Plus offers much more functionality than a traditional drip coffee maker, but takes up the same amount of space. There’s no need to devote half of your counter space to a complex coffee set up or try to find someplace in your home to set up a coffee bar.

Final Recommendation

The Nespresso Lattissima Plus Coffee Machine offers undeniable convenience and coffee shop quality that most other home espresso machines cannot accomplish. It offers a great choice for anyone who wants to dabble in making espresso drinks at home. From lattes to macchiatos, this two-in-one espresso machine with milk frother gives you the opportunity to whip up delicious coffee beverages day after day.

If you want to save some space on the counter or simplify your coffee routine, then the Lattissima Plus is the machine for you. With the many options available from Nespresso, you can play around with settings and flavors until you find your favorite ones. No barista experience is required!

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