Review of Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine

Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine
Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine

It is the start of another week, another day and the same Monday blues! It is just too difficult to shake off the cobwebs and get ready for work. The only thing that can help is a steaming cup of coffee, made especially for you—a cup of coffee that has a tempting aroma and the strong flavor to help you start your day.

So, get ready for the epic journey to the coffee shop with amazing features on the way like ‘the traffic’. If that did not make your day bluer, enter the coffee shop and experience the amazing sensation of ‘waiting’. While you watch other people get their order, you can easily call your workplace and inform them that you will be late, again. Everything is going perfectly smooth, is not it? Exactly the way you wish to start your day?

Did you just answer with a big, resounding ‘No’? Of course, you did! That is why you need a coffee machine that gives you the perfect start of the day, with that perfectly blended cup of coffee. And Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine is the answer to all your coffee troubles.

Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine Features

The stainless steel Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine and its fully automatic features make it a must-have device for your house.

  • Size – It is 12.5” depth, and a 7” width makes it compact enough to be stored anywhere easily. The stainless steel surface complements the décor of any kitchen. And being 12” high, it can easily fit on the counter top under your overhead cabinets. You would not need to worry about moving bulky machines because Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine weighs only 5.3 pounds. Easy to move, easy to store.
  • Style – Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine has a unique and eye-catching style. The high gloss finish and sleek design add elegance to your kitchen. The stainless steel silver outer and the intuitive digital display also reflect the state of the art technology used to get you the ease of making coffee.
  • Speed – With a 3-second heat up time, you do not have to wait any longer for your favorite cup of coffee. All you have to do is switch on the machine and let it do the rest. With 11 different milk temperature settings, you decide the perfect temperature, and the Nespresso Creatista Plus will oblige.
  • Quality – Never settle for less. And Nespresso Creatista Plus makes sure that you get a machine that does not only have a smart design but is also the best in quality. With its range of refined accessories, you can be sure that Nespresso Creatista Plus will serve you for years to come.
  • Adjustable – You prefer black coffee, but your partner loves an aromatic cup of Cappuccino in the morning. No worries! You can create your favorite coffee with Nespresso Creatista Plus and its amazing feature of multiple coffee recipes, 8 to be precise. Not only that. You can even adjust the frothing levels of your coffee, with the provided option of 4 textured levels. Let your creativity flow and let each cup of coffee be a piece of art.
  • Creative – The most amazing feature of the Nespresso Creatista Plus is its automated Steam Wand. You can take your coffee experience to the next level and create latte art, right there in your kitchen! The Nespresso Creatista Plus makes the milk so smooth and silky that you will not be able to resist the temptation of trying your hand at latte art. Let your imagination run free and let the creativity flow.
  • Ease of Cleaning – The assisted cleaning system will help you clean the steam wand. Select Maintenance on the Touch Panel, select Clean Steam Wand and just follow the on-screen prompts. And you only have to do this at least once a month. Regularly clean the machine and all its components with a clean damp cloth and you are done. It is as simple as that!
  • One Touch Simplicity – No more getting confused! All you have to do is press a button and sit back to relax. The machine will do the rest.
  • 19 Bar Pressure Pump – The pump provides the pressure to extract the flavor from the coffee capsules. This way, you can be sure that the aroma and flavor of each capsule are fully extracted to give you the best cup of coffee.
  • Wide Coffee RangeNespresso capsules  offer a wide range of aromatic choices with six families to choose from; Intenso, Pure Origin, Espresso, Decaffeinato, Lungo, and Variations. And with the automated programming, you can easily prepare, Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, and Latte Macchiato.
  • Fully Automatic Operation – The easy to use color display will provide you the ease of one touch, along with the start dial and the Start/Cancel button. The system can even let you decide the cup size, so you get just the right amount of coffee, every time. These three automated functions are all you need to get a cup of coffee that helps you start the day off!

Why Choose Creatista Plus

The easy-to-use features and the fully automated functions allow you to enjoy café style coffee, especially made for you. The automatic power off after 10 minutes not only saves you money but also ensures that your Nespresso Creatista Plus has a long working life.

The used capsules eject into an internal container, meaning that there is less mess. The container has a capacity of storing 8-12 used capsules.

The highly efficient operation of the 19 bar pressure pump provides you with a quality cup of coffee every time. A cup of coffee that captures all the flavors of the capsule and it is a feature not many appliances can boast about!

What Is It Lacking

Nespresso Creatista Plus surely does have a lot of features, but a few things hold it back from being the public favorite.

People find it too expensive, a reason that is quite valid. Most coffee lovers would not worry about the price if they can get a café styled coffee maker right at home, but the price is an issue for many.

Although the cleanup process for the steam wand is easy, some units require regular cleaning which can be a bit of a hassle. When the machine only uses compatible capsules, you can be sure it is a recipe for disaster. If you run out of capsules, it is either back to the coffee shop or brew the coffee yourself.

Final Verdict

Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine is the best thing in the market right now, as long as you are willing to overlook the price. And if you are into latte art and wish to start your morning off with intricate designs on your coffee, then Nespresso Creatista Plus is made for you.

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