Review of Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine

Nespresso Citiz Espresso Machine
Nespresso Citiz Espresso Machine

Do you desire to bring the sleek design and delicious flavor of your favorite coffee shop straight to your kitchen? Then you’re in luck! The Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine is a coffee lover’s dream comes true for at-home brewing functionality.

Whether you like a crisp shot of espresso or enjoy sipping a caffe americano through your morning routine, the Nespresso Citiz Espresso Machine has you covered. With its precision coffee brewing capacity that brings you a tasty treat every time and its retro-modern design, Nespresso Citiz Espresso Machine fits into the kitchen of any coffee enthusiast.

Nespresso Citiz Espresso Machine represents a great coffee machine to have if you love a quick cup of coffee. Even better, your quick cup doesn’t taste like instant coffee. You can still have fantastic coffee without a lot of fuss, all without heading to your local coffee shop on the way to work.

Nespresso Citiz Espresso Machine Features

Nespresso Citiz Espresso Machine looks nice on the counter, but how does it work? A valid concern for coffee lovers who are considering the CitiZ as their main coffee brewer.

  • Automated operation – Automatic operation takes the guesswork and fussiness out of the preparation process. Just press a button for your chosen size, and let the CitiZ take care of the rest.
  • Insert capsules – Place a capsule in the top of the machine, press the lever, and select your brew. No messy grounds and no cleanup required.
  • Compact – Small footprint leaves room around the machine for operation and doesn’t take up an unnecessary amount of space. When compared to other espresso machines, the amount of space you save is remarkable.
  • 25-second preheat – The CitiZ preheats before you can even get a capsule out of the box. No need to wait around for the machine to come to life and be at the ready for brewing your morning joe.
  • Automatic power off – Did you forget to turn off your CitiZ? No problem! The machine shuts off after nine minutes of inactivity to conserve energy and prevent burning out.
  • Programmable coffee sizes – Choose from two pre-set coffee sizes: Espresso and Lungo. You can program your own to suit your favorite mug.
  • Pivoting drip tray – The drip tray pivots out of the way to accommodate your travel mug or a taller glass for your iced espresso favorites.
  • Removable 34-ounce water tank – The water tank, which attaches to the back of the CitiZ, removes so you can refill it in your sink. With a 34-ounce capacity, it can hold enough fresh water to get you through your busiest days. No more running back and forth to the coffee maker with water every time you want a hot cup.
  • 19-bar pressure pump – Have you ever watched in amazement as the barista at your favorite coffee shop measures, tamps and presses your espresso shots with ease? If it seems like magic and a little too messy for your home setup, that’s quite all right. The CitiZ has got you more than covered with its integrated 19-bar espresso pump that pulls a perfect shot of espresso every time.
  • Fun colors – The CitiZ comes in Black, White, Chrome and Red to suit your decor or liven up your space just a bit.
  • Attractive design – A compact design with chrome accents, an understated press lever, and a water reservoir make this an exciting, lovable retro coffee machine.
  • Compatible with the Nespresso system – The CitiZ is compatible with other components in the Nespresso family, including the Nespresso capsules and the Aeroccino.

What Sets the CitiZ Apart?

In addition to its hip design, the Nespresso CitiZ contains unique features that it brings to the home espresso market. As a leader in the market, Nespresso takes the worry and effort out of making coffee at home so you can focus on important tasks, such as getting the kids to school and preparing for that big meeting.

The CitiZ offers a simple, mess-free way to make espresso at home. Many other machines, while they may create delicious espresso from your stove or countertop, have a lot of mess and process involved with getting that desired shot or two. With the CitiZ espresso maker, all you have to do is pop in a capsule, press a button and go. While there are more higher-powered espresso machines out there, the simplicity of using the CitiZ sets it apart from others.

The CitiZ is as convenient as any other coffee maker. From the easy use of Nespresso capsules to the machine’s self-contained functionality, this is a great tool for on-the-go people whose plate is just a little too full. When you use the CitiZ, you don’t need to fidget around with filling the water reservoir, grinding coffee, waiting long for the machine to heat or measuring out coffee ingredients. The diminutive size makes it a natural on the counter of kitchens of any size.

Don’t forget about Nespresso’s legendary customer service and tech support, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have any problems, just contact support, and they will fix your problems either by repairing or replacing your current machine.

Custom Coffee Capsules

Next, the CitiZ uses Nespresso’s unique and delicious Nespresso capsules. These are hand-picked coffee roasts and flavored coffees that surprise and delight coffee drinkers. Choose from a wide variety of flavors depending on your tastes.

When you purchase the CitiZ, enroll in the Nespresso Club. The club gives you 24/7 access to capsule ordering and personalized coffee advice. Nespresso Club members also receive unlimited technical support for their CitiZ (and other) machines as well as a recycling service for disposing of your used capsules.

A Closer Look

Imagine a sleek espresso machine with a touch of retro flair. Then give it a compact design that takes up a small footprint. Outfit it with some chrome accents and plenty of cool features to customize your coffee brewing experience, and you get the CitiZ.

This micro coffeemaker packs a serious punch when it comes to brewing coffee roasts. Available in black, red, and chrome, you can coordinate it with your kitchen design for the best fit. The CitiZ’s petite footprint doesn’t require a significant investment of your countertop or cabinet space. The warranty alone makes this worth your hard-earned money.

Nespresso designs the CitiZ with more than your kitchen alone in mind. It has a variety of energy-saving features built-in, including the automatic shutoff after nine minutes. Nespresso is proud to represent its commitment to sustainability in coffee sourcing and processing through its Positive Cup initiative. When you brew Nespresso coffee in your CitiZ machine, you become a part of the movement to keep the coffee industry transparent and sustainable.

What the CitiZ Lacks

While there is a lot to rave about concerning the CitiZ, there are some drawbacks to this espresso machine.

The primary complaint is that it doesn’t come with a convenient, integrated way to make hot milk. If you brew espresso, chances are you want to drink a latte. However, on its own, the CitiZ does not offer a milk frothing function.

Purchase the Nespresso Aeroccino separately does cost extra, so it drives your investment above the figure for buying the CitiZ alone. Nespresso offers an option to purchase a CitiZ with an attached Aeroccino for a higher price. The Nespresso Aeroccino comes in three options—Aeroccino3, Aeroccino4 and Aeroccino Plus.

The Nespresso CitiZ & Milk Espresso Machine is attractive because it has a slot for the Aeroccino to rest and mimics larger integrated espresso machines in its functionality. However, the combo unit does take up more counter space, which may be a drawback to some consumers.

Alternatively, you can purchase a third-party milk frother. You can still brew your espresso with the CitiZ and use the separate milk frother to make your latte.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine is a top home espresso maker. From its charming design to flawless function, it can bring the coffee shop experience right to your home kitchen.

Compact design, integrated size selection, and customizable features make brewing coffee at home a breeze, whether you live in a spacious home or a studio apartment. With the optional Aeroccino milk frother, you’ll be slinging lattes in no time. Who needs a barista when you’ve got such amazing coffee service in your home?

A variety of features that make it easier to use than just about any other espresso machine on the market. The superior quality of the compatible Nespresso Grand Cru capsules helps make the CitiZ a clear choice for coffee lovers as a fantastic addition to coffee culture!

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