Review of Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum

Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum
Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum

It’s the time for some ‘end-of-the-week’ cleaning and you’ve been dreading it for days. The chaos and debris all over the living room is just one of the ‘perks’ of having kids. And if you are a proud pet parent, then your work increases tenfold.

Pet parents all over the world are at the end of their wits when it comes to dealing with pet hair and dander. It’s a fact that your pets will shed but unfortunately, there’s nothing much you can do. All your daily cleaning hacks are rendered useless because of this natural process.

With your clothes, furniture and even your life taken over by pet dander, there’s only one way out; getting an appliance that’ll help you break free of this vicious cycle. The Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum is another one of the amazing appliances Dyson promises and delivers on.


The Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum comes with a plethora of features that will transform your housekeeping ways for the better.

  • Size – The Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum weighs a mere 5.6 pounds, ensuring that carrying it around isn’t a hassle for you. With a dimension of 8.2 x 9.8 x 49 inches, the compact appliance makes for a convenient option when it comes to housecleaning. The lightweight of the Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum is an additional benefit and works well with the appliance’s multipurpose cleaning transformations. Need to clean the stairs or your car? No need to invest in a handheld vacuum. The Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum can easily transform into a handheld.
  • Style – The simple yet elegant style is just one of the many features that work in the favor of this appliance. The stick vacuum style gives the appliance a modern look with a touch of retro.
  • Quality – This is yet another product from Dyson that holds true to the company’s promise of convenience and performance.
  • Versatile – Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum isn’t your ordinary vacuum that causes more of a trouble than its worth. With the Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum, you can adjust it to your cleaning needs. Whether it’s the stairs or high to reach corners, the Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum makes sure that no corner of the house goes untreated. Quick clean ups, spot cleaning and the daily cleaning rituals will become easy with the Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum’s versatility.
  • Long Wand – Having difficulty in reaching corners or high places? Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum takes care of that too! It has a long wand that doesn’t let hard to reach places hinder the cleaning process.
  • Cord Free – The problem with cords is that they tend to tangle up on their own and make an hour of cleaning last a whole day. How many of us have prayed for an appliance that doesn’t involve cords? Well, your prayers are finally answered. Relish the convenience of cleaning with the Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum. The convenient docking station stores and charges the machine when not in use. This gives you up to 40 minutes of powerful suction, without the hassle of dealing with tangled cords.
  • HEPA Filtration – The appliance features HEPA filtration to provide better quality indoor air. With pets around, pet dander remains in the air and can cause allergies. The filtration not only captures allergens but also expels cleaner air. Now you can say goodbye to allergies and adopt a healthier and cleaner way of life.
  • Ease of Cleaning – The Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum comes with a hygienic dirt ejector. Gone are the days when you had to spend hundreds on dirt bags and handle them manually. With a single touch, the dirt ejector drives out trapped debris and dust, without you having to get your hands dirty. Now that’s called ultimate convenience. The bagless technology is just another one of the many simple features of the Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum. And with a capacity of 0.14 gallons, you can clean the whole house without having to worry about dirt ejection.
  • Max Power Mode – Faced with a challenging cleaning task? The max power mode will come to your rescue. Just slide the switch to select power and you get 7 minutes of higher suction for more difficult areas.
  • 2 Tier Radical Cyclones – Almost every vacuum cleaner is powerful enough for pet dander and other debris. But what about the fine dust that resides deep in the carpets and furniture? To get that out, your vacuum cleaner must have a powerful suction. With 15 cyclones, arranged across 2 tiers, Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum has the power to help you get rid of fine dust particles. They work parallelly to increase airflow and capture fine dust.

Why Choose Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum

Features like the long wand, as well as the cordless and conversion options, make the Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum the perfect appliance for your daily cleaning rituals.

With a plethora of accessories like the charging station, combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorized tool and soft dusting brush, all your housecleaning expectations can come true. The bagless technology is another plus point, which ensures you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

What Is It Lacking

There’s no denying the fact that Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum provides ultimate ease and simplicity but there are a few drawbacks even to this amazing appliance.

People found some faults with the non-motorized attachments and mentioned that these accessories lack the suction power required for a thorough cleaning.

Final Verdict

Though the price of Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum might make you second guess your decision, the numerous features make up for the high price. When you are getting the best of bagless technology, the ease of a cordless option and the convenience of a handheld appliance, why wait? Go for Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum and revolutionize the way you clean your house.

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