Review of Dyson Groom Tool Vacuum-Assisted Cats and Dogs Groomer

Dyson Groom Tool Vacuum-Assisted Cats and Dogs Groomer
Dyson Groom Tool Vacuum-Assisted Cats and Dogs Groomer

Having pets in your life is one of the best feelings in the world. In a short span of time, they quickly take over your household and even a day away from them seems too long. A canine companion or a feline friend not only brings joy to your life but also gives you unconditional love.

Even if your cat doesn’t look bothered by your lack of affection, be assured that they do really care. Dogs however, eagerly show their affection and love for you. But no matter how much your pets love you, there are times when you might feel your love dwindling away; especially when you have to clean up after them.

You can train them to take care of their needs in a civilized manner but what about the excessive hair shedding? There’s no way around it. It’s a natural process and all you can do is deal with it. Pet parents all over the world are always on the lookout for the perfect product to help them deal with this problem. Be it grooming brushes that promise remarkable results or petting gloves, few of these products truly work well enough to satisfy pet owners.

That’s why Dyson has introduced its Groom Tool Vacuum-Assisted Cats and Dogs Groomer. With this remarkable device, you can wave your worries goodbye.


Dyson Groom Tool Vacuum-Assisted Cats and Dogs Groomer comes with a number of features. It has been designed to enable pet parents to enjoy the company of their pets without worrying about shedding.

  • Size – The attachment comes in a standard size and is easy to store anywhere.
  • Style – Dyson Groom Tool has a sleek and stylish design. The attachment is designed to look like a part of your vacuum cleaner and does not stand out. Just attach it to the vacuum hose and you’re good to go.
  • Quality – With Dyson’s promise of quality, you can be sure that Dyson Groom Tool is unrivalled in terms of quality and performance.
  • Versatile – The attachment is compatible with most of the vacuum cleaners by Dyson. This way, you don’t have to waste money on buying separate grooming tools. Just order the Dyson Groom Tool attachment and get rid of stray pet hair.
  • Attaches to Vacuum Hose – The attachment is all you need to fulfill all your pet grooming needs. It conveniently attaches on the vacuum hose, saving you money and providing a flexible solution.
  • Metal Bristles – The attachment has a head which features a lot of metal bristles. With a simple touch, you can expose the bristles and even adjust their length, depending on the fur type. These bristles are quite effective in trapping loose hair and dandruff, while the vacuum sucks away dead skin and pet dander. They are made of stainless steel and easily retract when the attachment is not in use.
  • Durable – Dyson Groom Tool is a sturdy product as it is made of polypropylene and ABS polycarbonate. This is the same material that’s used for car dashboards.
  • The Ultimate Grooming Tool – Through fine metal bristles and a powerful suction, the attachment aims to be the perfect grooming tool. When your daily cleaning routines become too much of a hassle, Dyson Groom Tool assists you in capturing dog hair before it can shed. The powerful suction smoothly removes all the dead skin and other pet dander from your dog’s fur, leaving your pet’s fur smooth, shiny and clean. For a healthier pet, try Dyson Groom Tool. You’ll definitely fall in love with the simplicity and convenience of the device.
  • Ease of Cleaning – Dyson Groom Tool attachment features a head full of fine, stainless steel bristles. The last thing you want to do after grooming your pet is to go around cleaning the brush, pulling tufts of hair and pet dander. That’s where Dyson Groom Tool Vacuum-Assisted Cats and Dogs Groomer scores the highest points. Once you’re done grooming your pet, press a button and the bristles will retract in the head. Then you can easily dispose of pet hair and dander, without even having to touch it! The next bit would be music to your ears. The attachment doesn’t need to be washed. It’s self cleaning, which saves you from the hassle of doing some more washing and cleaning. Great news, isn’t it?

Dyson Groom Tool Vacuum-Assisted Cats and Dogs Groomer

Why Choose Dyson Groom Tool Vacuum-Assisted Cats and Dogs Groomer

Dyson Groom Tool Vacuum-Assisted Cats and Dogs Groomer comes with a plethora of features that make it even more convenient for pet parents. If it’s simplicity and convenience you’re looking for, Dyson Groom Tool provides you with the perfect combination.

The attachment not only works to get rid of pet hair, but combined with the powerful suction of the vacuum; it also takes away dead skin. So when you can get advantage of two products in one, why waste money? Opting for Dyson Groom Tool is the best thing you can do to make your life easier and your pet healthier.

The retractable stainless steel bristles easily drive out trapped fur and pet dander, without coming in contact with your hands.

What Is It Lacking

Even though Dyson Groom Tool comes with a fair share of advantages, there are some shortcomings to this amazing product.

Users found that it works best for dogs with long or medium fur. And if your pet is scared of vacuum cleaners, good luck trying to groom them using this attachment.

You might be disappointed to know that although Dyson Groom Tool is compatible with most Dyson vacuums, it doesn’t fit all the models. So before you buy the product, make sure it is compatible with your vacuum cleaner.

Final Verdict

A bit pricey, but you can’t overlook the Dyson Groom Tool Vacuum-Assisted Cats and Dogs Groomer considering the many advantages it offers. The attachment is durable and makes for the ultimate grooming tool. No more rigorous cleaning each weekend. Just groom your pet and keep your house clean.

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