Review of DakPets FURblaster Deshedding Grooming Tool for Cats and Dogs

DakPets FURblaster Deshedding Grooming Tool
DakPets FURblaster Deshedding Grooming Tool

Pet parents have the responsibility of keeping their pets clean and happy. What most people miss out on are simple instruments that could make their life easier and the process of pet grooming simpler. Pet parents are always on the lookout for pet care products that not only promote a healthy lifestyle but also help them build strong relationships with their pets.

Pet parents strive to keep their house clean and do everything to keep off their pet’s hair from the furniture and their clothes. No amount of cleaning, dusting or vacuuming seems to do the trick, and you end up following this cleaning regime every other day. Do not lose hope. There is a way to get rid of all that excessive shedding, and it involves you heading over to the nearest mart and buying a grooming and shedding tool.

For a more meaningful bonding experience, pet parents go for grooming tools that provide the best results and provides the highest level of comfort, to both the pet parent and their pet. Be it a canine friend, or your feline companion, DakPets FURblaster Deshedding Grooming Tool have come up with the perfect grooming tool that provides you peace of mind and your pets, a relaxing time.

DakPets FURblaster Deshedding Grooming Tool Features

DakPets FURblaster Deshedding Grooming Tool is a popular pet accessory all over the globe and has been developed by professional Pet Care Experts to provide you with excellent results. Here are some of the features of this amazing and handy product.

  • Size – The DakPets FURblaster Deshedding Grooming Tool comes at just one size, with a 4-inch blade that is suitable to use for dogs and cats of all sizes. Be it a Saint Bernard or a Chihuahua, FURblaster can fulfill all your pet grooming needs and that too in just 15 minutes.
  • Style – The DakPets FURblaster Deshedding Grooming Tool features an ergonomic handle that is lightweight to make the grooming process easier and more convenient for you. The environmentally sustainable, hypoallergenic non-slip design not only gives you great control over the tool’s movement but also gives you relief from hand cramps. This feature makes the DakPets FURblaster a favorite for many pet parents around the world as it makes grooming almost effortless.
  • Quality – DakPets have been in the pet product business for a long time, and their team of Pet Care Experts strives to bring you pet products that will make your life easier. The quality of this device is unmatched, and the sturdy material will make sure that it lasts a long time.
  • Versatile – The DakPets FURblaster has been designed in a way that makes it a perfect grooming tool for cats and dogs of all sizes. The de-shedding tool is suitable for all breeds, whether long or short haired. It also caters to the pets that have single or double coat.
  • Gentle Touch – The DakPets FURblaster has been designed keeping in mind the comfort of your pet. The product is gentle on the skin of your pet, and unlike many other products on the market, it provides comfort to your pet. The relaxing rhythm of the device is relaxing for your canine friend and the feline in your heart will love the gentle touch of the device.
  • Detachable Comb – For your convenience, the DakPets FURblaster comes with a detachable comb, and all you have to do is press the Quick Release Button. With the option to remove the comb efficiently and quickly, using FURblaster could not have been easier.
  • Stainless Steel Blade – The blade is made up of sturdy stainless steel that provides precision and convenience at the same time, ensuring that the grooming session is not too much of a hassle. The rust resistant blade is equipped to handle routine grooming and light thinning. A clear plastic blade cover ensures safety for you and your pet.
  • Promote Healthier Skin – By removing the dead and loose undercoat, the DakPets FURblaster stimulates the fur’s natural oils to give your pet a healthier skin. The regular light trimming makes sure that your pet has a shiny topcoat. All in all, FURblaster is a grooming tool that will not disappoint you.
  • Reduction in Shedding – The device boasts of a 90% reduction in shedding from a 15-minute session of grooming. This feature alone should be enough to convince pet parents that the DakPets FURblaster is the ultimate answer to all your grooming problems. The regular use of this device reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions from your pet’s fur.
  • Standalone Grooming Tool – Not only does the DakPets FURblaster reduces shedding, but it also works as a standalone grooming tool. With the ability to remove mats and knots from your pet’s coat, the FURblaster provides you the convenience you have been looking for.

DakPets FURblaster Deshedding Grooming Tool

Why Choose FURblaster

Although it is normal for pets to shed, what is not normal, are the tufts of hair on all your furniture. This hairy onslaught might get too much to handle, and that is where the DakPets FURblaster comes in. With the plethora of simple and convenient features, the FURblaster can help you avoid this hairy situation.

The blade on a handle metal design of the FURblaster allows for an effortless grooming session. With up to 90% reduction in shedding, the FURblaster makes sure that your house is free of pet dander and your furniture does not look like a hair brush.

Recommended by both veterinarians and professional groomers, the FURblaster keeps allergies at bay and ensures that your pet remains clean and happy.

What Is It Lacking

Although the DakPets FURblaster has some helpful features, it does have some lack a most important feature in any deshedding tool; the option for easy fur release.

This may pose a problem as you would have to clean the tool yourself by pulling out all the hair from the brush. If you are up for it, then the FURblaster is a must-have pet grooming tool.

Final Verdict

A great way to conveniently groom your pets and at a low price as well. The convenient features of the DakPets FURblaster Deshedding Grooming Tool makes it an essential deshedding grooming tool, that is not only easy to use but also comfortable for both you and your pet. So if you are tired of the daily, vigorous cleaning your fur coated house requires, buy a DakPets FURblaster and save money on trips to the vet and professional groomers.

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