Minimalist Decluttering Tips

There are times where even to the best of our ability, life gets chaotic. During these rough times, clutter can take over and cause nothing but trouble for everyone involved. So, there is the option to look at tips to help on the way to a cleaner and more refined home, and these minimalist decluttering tips are here to provide all of the support needed. Take a look at some of the best techniques around to help guarantee a home’s order and organization for a long time to come.

Keep all clothing original

It’s traditional to want to grab our favourite shirts or dresses, but the first thing to remember about minimalist design is that all clothing should be original and unique from the rest of it in your closet. Minimalist design is all about sticking to the bare essentials, after all, and multiples of similar clothing is not the way to start off. By ridding the closet of all of these multiple and similar styles, it’ll be much more spacious in there.

Do this with each closet in the house, even the “occasional closet” that holds formal dresses or tuxes. Eliminate what isn’t worn at least twice a year. After all, when it’s not worn that often, renting or borrowing is an easier way to go than buying something.

Cut the layers

Layering is popular, especially in women’s fashion, but these layers can add up over time in terms of closet space. So, when looking at clothing options, try to stick to ensembles that are two pieces or one piece. Those options that have three or four (or more) options will add unnecessary bulk to a closet. With these complicated outfits, they should be kept to a minimum in how many are part of a wardrobe.

Any unnecessary layer should be cut out entirely to make sure that those layers are always kept to a minimum. Do this regularly with each closet in the house, and the space saved will certainly add up.

Don’t plan or cling, just be in the moment

When something gets too small, it’s easy to want to pile it away and save it for when it does fit again, but unless it’s a pregnancy or something else equally temporary, those too tight clothes should be donated to someone else in the household or donated to a charity where they can get good use. Remember that minimalist living focuses on what is needed now, not tomorrow or next year. Focus on keeping that mindset in place when buying and triaging clothing.

Take a look at quality options

Quality is always better than anything else when the time comes to purchase. Don’t get sucked in by deals or sales, focus on quality and paying the money needed to get it for yourself. Minimalist living means quality purchases that last over time.

Keep on top of it

Even when life gets busy, triage and declutter on a regular basis, making it a family activity so that each member can understand its importance in the household. Make it a competition if that will help, the goal being to declutter and stick to quality necessary options at the end of the day.

Look at local charities

The wish list of local charities may be surprising, so take the time to grab those wish lists and see how the unneeded belongings in your home can make the difference for those around town. This is a great way to make sure that the focus stays on helping others by moving possessions on to another home where they are necessary.

Get a friend to help

Decluttering can be a big job, and it’s always good to have a partner for making those tricky calls and focusing on the most important aspects of the household. Bring a trusted friend in to give a hand on the harder aspects (kitchen appliances and closets, for example) and it will feel much more beneficial and fun than doing it alone. A fresh perspective can also be helpful in determining the usefulness of something, which can be critical.

Gear time toward the proper things in life

Minimalist decluttering is also going to help each person focus on what is most important in life. Instead of spending time organizing and cleaning, time can be spent on hobbies or with loved ones so that everything is much more streamlined. Gone are the hours spent dusting or folding or cleaning. Now it’s easy to tidy up and it gives more time for those other things in life that mean a lot more.

Organize all things in life

As mentioned briefly, minimalist living is more about decluttering physical possessions. Spend time decluttering mental and emotional life as well. Streamline work life and get everything organized in all plains and aspects. This will give a clearer and more centered mind so that life is cleaner and more comfortable. Minimalist and simplistic living create quick and time-saving practices to leave room and effort for the most important aspects.

Practice buying exercises

When going shopping, be careful in what is purchased. Is it needed? Is there anything similar that is already in the house? Is it tempting simply because it’s a good price? Use these buying exercises to keep purchases to a minimum. These will help save money and frustration for all involved in the buying process. When in doubt on something, sleep on it. That will strip the emotion out of it and will help the shopper see it in a clearer mind.

Minimalist decluttering is a lot easier than it first seems, and these great tips are going to help each household move closer to a more meaningful life with only the essentials on hand. This helps keep emotions level and homes clean and organized which will bring all sorts of wonderful results. Maybe it’s not the best thing since sliced bread, but it’s pretty close. The only question now is which tip is going to be the one to help each person make the jump to this lifestyle?

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