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Creating a simple life is going to be a rewarding and informative journey, but when looking to create that kind of lifestyle, the right starting tips can go a long way to making sure that it’s effective and beneficial at the end of the day. When someone lives a simple life, it can mean a series of different things, so there are tips here to make each life better and simpler, no matter which tips are taken or ignored. Let’s get started.

Shop local

A great way to look at simple living is in focusing on how to be more involved in the community. The sense of community is getting lost when it comes to how each person is a part of it, and shopping local and sourcing local when possible is a great way to do that. From groceries to gifts to restaurants, avoid the large chains and go for the smaller “mom and pop” shops instead that will offer better service, quality, comfort, and create a sense of community that won’t be visible elsewhere.

Look for simpler meals

In terms of cooking, it’s easy to get lost in the complex recipes and gluten-free and fat-free options – they’re overwhelming – but, it’s important to push all that aside and look at simple, classic meals. That’s not to say that healthy food isn’t important, but it shouldn’t be the main focus. Put the same time and effort into looking for simpler, classic meals such as those “meat and potato” ones that you never see anymore. It still offers healthy benefits, is filling for all of the tummies in the home, and will offer variety in flavors. The trick is to make sure that each meal doesn’t take up all of the energy available. Simple is best in food, as it leaves time for other important aspects in life.

Buy what is needed, not wanted

Shopping is an obsession for many people, and this is often the hardest part about simple living. When sale signs pop up, it’s tempting to go in and and grab something just because it’s a good price, but it’s important to focus on the fact that simple living is about what is needed, not wanted. Is that kitchen spoon really important to the home? Is that blanket really critical when there are a bunch of others at home?

When targeting this particular aspect of simple living, it’s best to bring someone along and can keep that shopper part in check so that each person is able to learn the lessons and adjust to this change in the mindset, as tricky as it may be.

Declutter regularly

There’s no questions, decluttering is a lot of work, takes precious time, and is frustrating. But, simple living requires a simple home full of the essentials only. Decluttering should take place in every part of the home, from the closets to the appliances in the kitchen. This takes time and should be done in spurts, focusing on one aspect at a time.

It will be helpful to get someone alongside that is going to be the tough love in terms of parting with particular pieces of a wardrobe, or the critical appliances in the kitchen. Get the whole family involved and it may become easier as each member competes to have a clean and dignified area by the end of the exercise.

Encouragement is what will make this stage easier and fun, and having someone to help along the way will help keep it a regular thing, too.

Focus on family time

Another aspect of simple living at its finest is the reminder that it isn’t just about material possessions. That means that focusing on the most important parts of each person’s life is important. A great addition to simple living is a focus on family. Time spent with loved ones is the number one priority in most of the lives of people, but making time for it can be tricky. So, part of simple living is forcing each person to see what matters most by making time for it.

Travel to local destinations

Instead of going to exotic locations for trips, it might be a great idea to consider, instead, the idea of travelling on day trips. These day trips are great for supporting local tourism and can be just as fulfilling as going far away. There is no expense for hotels, focus on what is most important, and lots of time with family. It takes a while to get used to, but it will be just as fun and exciting as travelling far away, and it then will make those far away trips easier to afford when the time comes.

Set limits to work life

Work life is what takes up majority of the time for each person in the family, so it’s important and beneficial to everyone to consider putting limits on that work life. Make time for family on the weekends, focus on literally setting alarms for finishing up with work if need be. Put the time and effort into making sure that the rest of the family’s life doesn’t suffer just for the potential positive effects of extra money. Simple living means that each person is focusing on what is most important, and work is an aspect of that, but should not be the most important part by any means.

There is a lot of great things to be said for modern living, but you’ll be able to get all of the biggest priorities put in place by using these tips to help each household and individual get things coming together. This won’t all come together at the same time, but each aspects will be able to make a presence in a family’s current life until all parts do end up coming together and creating a happy life full of the most important aspects. Simple living is doable, it just needs to start off in the correct place.

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