How to Choose the Best Camera Bag For Travel

With tons of options available, always difficult to find the best camera bag for travel. A camera bag is a compulsory complement when you buy a new DSLR camera. Since you invested in a good camera equipment, protect them from damages. Keep it safe from scratches against tree branches when you walk in the bush. Away from the unexpected rain. And the inconvenience of having to carry the camera around your neck. It makes worthwhile to buy the best camera bag for travel for your new DSLR camera.

It can be a daunting task to find the right camera bag that meets your specifications.

Finding the best camera bag for travel for DSLR camera?

You bought a new DSLR camera and finding a camera bag to store your camera equipment is the next step. Your camera deserves a good padding and don’t skimp on the best camera bag.

There are various brands and models with different shapes and capacities as many as you can imagine. Use these recommendations to simplify your search for the best camera bag for travel.

Most important features you should look for

Think about the characteristics you would like the best camera bag for travel to have. Maybe you do not go out to the mountains a lot and need a camera bag to go unnoticed while doing street photography. Or maybe you need a safe camera bag because you will travel and fear your camera equipment gets stolen.

The most important aspects to look for in the best camera bag for travel are:

Sturdiness. Tough and well-constructed camera bag to protect your DSLR camera equipment. Avoid buying a flimsy camera bag.

Wide padded straps. Comfort is paramount if you spend many hours lugging around the camera equipment. Wide padded straps will have more surfaces to distribute the weight on your shoulders.

Hold on to the waist. It is better if you can fasten the camera bag to the waist. The weight will distribute on your waist and shoulders.

Access to the equipment from behind. Many brands have already implemented this system. It is the most practical camera bag you could carry. In the front, you can attach accessories of little value. You keep the camera, flash, cards, etc in the interior.

Cover for rain. You never know when you may need it. The day will come and you will be glad to have it at hand.

Side pockets. The side pockets will come in handy for the water bottle, flashlights or some brochure.

Straps for the camera tripod. Certain camera bags come with camera tripod straps. Use the straps to carry camera tripod. Check the camera bag specification if it could carry a heavy tripod.

Zippers quality. Yes, there are camera bags that have faulty or low-quality zippers. You can end up losing your item along the way.

Laptop compartment. For people with a laptop or MacBook, this feature is helpful.

Padded interior. Most camera bags have padded velcro compartments you can configure to your likings so that the interior fits your need.

These characteristics determine the camera bag price. The best camera bag for travel that lasts and endures the constant outings with cold, heat and rain can have a high price. It is worth it to invest money in the best camera bag for travel.

Shoulder or backpack is the best camera bag for travel, which to choose?

The best way to decide is by listing the pros and cons.


  • The shoulder camera bag is more convenient for accessing the camera equipment. It is much more at hand than the backpack.
  • Reduced weight of the shoulder camera bag. The backpack is heavier than the shoulder camera bag.
  • The shoulder camera bag forces you to carry less equipment than with the backpack.


  • You may experience neck and shoulder pains on slim padded shoulder strap camera bag. The backpack distributes weight on shoulders and more comfortable for long usage.
  • The shoulder camera bag is not suitable for the adventurous jungle and mountain trekking. A backpack is better suited for this purpose.

Here are inventories of the highest rated and the best camera bag for travel you could consider.

Camera backpacks

AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack - Orange interior
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Shoulder camera bags

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