Easy Closet Organization Tips

Creating a home with a place for everything and keeping everything in its place can take a lot of effort for everyone involved. That being said, when the proper tools are in place, there is a way for everything to become that much easier, especially in terms of organization. It’s all well and good to have a clean space, but if it isn’t organized, the job is only half done. To help all homeowners find their way to a cleaner and neater closet, take a look at these easy closet organization tips that are all tried, tested, and guaranteed to make the difference in the long run.

Limit the content to clothes

Majority of people have a lot of extra things stuck in their closets that can create a huge mess that could have been easily avoided. Closets are great places to store things that aren’t needed, but the first rule in making sure that a closet stays an effective space is that it should be limited to only clothing. That means, books and other belongings need to be stored elsewhere such as a storage room or spare bedroom.

Go through the closet and be ruthless

The hardest part in setting up a system for organization is starting. This step includes the hard job of going through the entire closet and triaging the clothing that is in there. It all needs to be sorted and with this step, and the sorter is going to need to be ruthless in getting rid of anything that is not worn on a regular basis, or anything that doesn’t fit, or is out of style. It’s tempting to hold on to those particular items in the off chance they’ll work again in the future, but this is where the tough love part comes into play. This is best done with a friend or family member who can keep the task on track.

Make sure the space works for comfort and physical limitations

Whether it’s a small closet, a tall closet, or a low closet, it’s rare to find one that is absolutely perfect for what’s needed. So, one of the ways to make the closet work is to sort it out and make it practical for each person’s needs. When dealign with knee or back problems, make sure the closet storage bins or racks are stored at comfortable reaching height. When dealing with shoulder or reach problems, prioritize the clothing that is used regularly and put it in the lower spots for easy access and retrieval. The closet is supposed to be personalized, and with all of the space options available, it can work for each person. It may take a few tries to get it done correctly.

Organize the clothing itself so everything has a place

In terms of the clothing itself, easy closet organization tips often skip the step of the actual clothing’s place in the closet. There are a few options to choose from in terms of organization, and they can change or modify as time goes on. The most popular options for hanging and folding clothing systems are:

  • Organize by use—the most important pieces that are worn the most should be in the front and center of the closet. This makes the space more effective and there will be no more frantically searching for that favourite pair of jeans.
  • Organize by purpose—If there are clothes in a closet meant specifically for work, relaxation and dressy occasions, organize the closet using this same system. Work clothes should be in the front, than casual clothing, than dressy clothing in the back. This is a great option to make sure that everything is in the right section. If some items crossover, just organize it by the most popular category.
  • Organize by colour—This one tends to be the least common organization system, but it can be effective when looking to make a good impression on those who want to check out the system that is in place.

Invest in good storage containers and systems

Hanging racks may just not be the right organization options, so take a look at store options such as bookshelves, dressers, wardrobes, baskets and bins. There are a lot of ideas out there for organizing things. Even if it takes a few rotations to get everything working properly, the right system is out there.

Consider hidden storage options

Unless there is a massive closet, lack of space is always going to be an issue. Consider hidden storage options such as rolling bins that tuck under the bed, storage ottomans, or other seating options that can help take the stress off the closets and allow them to work for each person. Use any and every option that is out there, it’ll make itself useful before too long.

Refresh this process each year

Once the system is in place properly, a yearly update and refresher is important. Triaging clothing, reorganizing the existing systems and changing them as needed will help make sure that closets are always kept looking their best year-round. It can be energizing to see closet stay clean and organized, too, so this step is critical to keeping things “just so” and is going to help the system step up to date and functional for the house, leading to the idea of adding organization to more places in the home as a result.

Having an easy closet organization system in place is important not only to the comfort of the person who is using it, but it will help the entire home look and feel better. There’s a reason why cluttered rooms and spaces cause so much chaos, so putting a stop to it with the proper closet organization system can be the saving grace that is needed to help the home look and feel its best at all times possible. Create the perfect closet with these easy organization tips to lead the way.

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