Cleaning Tips for New Pet Owner

When bringing home a new pet, there’s a lot of joy and excitement in the household. A new pet is an addition to the family, after all, and a lot of cute photos and great memories will come out of this new pet. What new pet owners often forget, however, is that with the new furry addition, comes a new kind of mess. While it’s not the reason to not bring home a new pet, it is something that will need to be planned out so that it doesn’t become a problem. To help you along your way, here are some pet cleaning tips that will make it that much easier for the good times to roll on in.

Get ahead of the fur

Fur is one of the worst parts of pet care because it gets everywhere. The thing is to get ahead of it as much as possible. This is done by brushing the pet regularly (at least twice a week. A groomer may be a great thing to consider if the animal is especially furry. Vacuuming and sweeping regularly will also help get ahead of a lot of furballs that are going to be drifting around in the breeze at some point.

Consider an electrostatic mop

In a house with hardwood or laminate floors, a vacuum may no be the best call. For capturing fur, it may be more beneficial to look at something like an electrostatic mop. These are designed to attract and lock in fur and hair so that it won’t go billowing around the house and hide away in a corner for another time. These are affordable and certainly well worth the time and money.

Invest in tape rollers

As far as clothing goes, grab a value pack of those tape fur rollers. They are easily the best options for fur removal from clothes, carpets and furnitures, so stick them in everyone’s room and always have a few extras kicking around. It may even be a great idea to keep them in your work bags or in the car in case you forget to remove the fur before leaving the house in a hurry. There are other options to consider, too, if the traditional tape rollers aren’t of interest.

Get at stains as soon as possible

Pet stains (such as pee and vomit) are horrible, but can be dealt with when the proper products are used. There are great commercial options, but in terms of getting urine and/or vomit out of carpets, the best thing for the job is the combination of several clean white cloths, dish soap, and water.

To use this technique, the excess liquid should be sopped up with the white cloth. Get as much out of the area as possible before moving on to the next step, as this will determine how successful the stain removal is. Then, use a combination of soap and warm water to gently blot itself into the carpet on top of the stain. Let it set for a bit, and then remove it by gently blotting the excess water out with yet another cloth. This is to be repeated until the carpet is dry and the stain is gone.

The thing to remember is that the sooner you get at it, the better the final result is going to be visually and in terms of smell.

Keep nails trimmed

Scratches from dogs or cats can create damage in a home, so keeping nails trimmed is a great way to help keep that to a minimum. This can be done by a groomer, or by a family member at home with a pair of quality nail clippers. The pet will resist at first, but it’s actually a great thing to get him or her used to and calmed. This is a great habit to do too so that it will minimise damage to your carpets, furnitures and bedding.

Clean toys, collars and blankets regularly

Keeping a home clean means that the dog’s accessories need to be kept clean as well. Toys and collars can be cleaned in the dishwasher or the washing machine and these should be cleaned at regular intervals. This will help keep the pet healthy, and it’s going to help with odour and fur, too. Choose pet-friendly disinfectant and keep this part of the cleaning routine

Baking soda as an odour remover

Speaking of odours, baking soda is a powerful combatant of pet odour. Adding it to the washing machine and spreading it on pet’s blankets before washing them are all great ways to put this to use. If there is a particular part of the home where the pet’s odour is strong, a bowl of baking soda is a great idea for absorbing a lot of the scent right in that specific area. There are commercial options to look at for pet odour removal, all of which are great, but baking soda is readily available and can do the same amount of work as the other options.

From odour to fur, owning a pet can lead to more cleaning. But, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. A lot of the work is going to be in proper maintenance of the home. From grooming the pet in terms of fur and nails, to regular sweeping and mopping as well as vacuuming, the house will benefit from these kinds of practices. Additionally, getting to stains quickly and focusing on training the pet properly will make sure that damage is kept to a minimum.

A pet is a wonderful addition to a home and with proper work and habits, the home won’t need to suffer for this new member. Whether the jobs get spread out amongst all family members, or one or two of them as the main caretakers, these cleaning tips will be helpful for realistic lifestyles and the results will be worthwhile for all involved.

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