Business Travel Packing List and Tips

When travelling for business, there is a lot to keep in mind, specifically in relation to how everything’s going to fit on the plane with you. Whether it’s a trip for 2 days or 2 weeks, it’s possible to get away with the idea of sticking to only a carry-on in a lot of situations. Yes, really. The key is to put these business travel packing tips to use so that the benefits are there for the taking. Take a look at some of the most researched, tried and tested methods that are ideal for business men and women everywhere. All that’s left is to learn, customize, and use it in the manner that is going to be most productive for each trip and each person taking it.

Have a packing list and stick to it

The number one thing to help make business travelling easier and more automatic, is a packing list. Have an itemized list with every single thing on it that you need and then stick to it. It’s easy to deviate from it when looking at a few things that might “sort of” be useful, but it’s important to keep it to the essentials, period. Get a list together, get it as small as possible, and stick to it even when those voices are telling you to add in extra pieces “just in case”.

Plan it out with dry runs

This may seem silly, but it can be a wonderful tool for making sure that it’s all done right. Pack a bag with everything that will be needed on a business trip and then live out of it at home. It won’t take long to figure out whether or not everything was, in fact, in the bag. This is the best way to find out (without major inconveniences) whether the list really did have everything on it. If not, adjust the list, and do it again until it’s done right. Certain trips may require unique lists, but try to stick to one generic list for all business travelling. One less thing to remember, right?

Always have clean clothes in a carry-on

If checking a bag is the most comfortable way to travel right now, than it’s important to always make sure that there are clean clothes (enough to get through 24 hours) in a carry-on bag. From socks to ties, have the essentials in the carry-on bag even if it’s replicated in the checked bag. It only takes one time for a bag to be lost to prove how important this is.

Pick combination outfits

When planning out the actual outfits to bring, combine as many tops and bottoms (or full suit/dress) options as possible. That way it means minimal clothing packed, but still giving access to five or more outfits. This is one of the smartest ways to travel light and still have everything for comfort when arriving at the place of business.

Try rolling everything

Rolling vs folding has been debated for quite a while with great opinions on both sides, but as far as packing light is concerned, rolling is the best way to pack. This way, the same clothing and accessories get to be tucked into place without it being jammed in so that nothing can be seen. This is a powerful way to keep everything together, too. For the first combination, at least.

Use packing cubes for an advantage

Whether it’s packing cubes, Ziploc bags, or anything else, these segmented options can offer great organization tips while also still forcing the bag to stay within its tight corners and available space. There are all sorts of tutorials on how to make these as efficient as possible in packing.

Have emergency official papers

Whether it’s extra money, legal documents, medical and ID information, it’s best to prepare for the worst case scenario and have all of the appropriate paperwork tucked safely away in case you need it.

Photocopy everything

From your wallet’s contents to legal documents to business documents, bring second copies of everything that’s packed in either bag so that you can have access to it in case anything is lost from lost luggage or it simply gets misplaced. The last thing that’s needed is to get to the business meeting without the actual business documents, after all.

Fit as much in a carry-on as possible

While it’s already been mentioned, it needs to be stated again in more detail. The key to business travelling is to make sure that everything possible can fit in a carry-on. That way, if a bag is lost on the flight, there is till 90% of your must-haves with you on a flight. Additionally, it saves time that is often spent waiting to check bags as well as picking them up on the other side.

From having a business travel packing list, to using trial and error while still at home, travelling for business doesn’t have to be something that is painful or frustrating. With the proper tools and techniques in place, it’ll be as easy as planning out what to eat that evening. Whether travelling for business is something that happens regularly or rarely, being properly prepared is more valuable than one might think.

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