Air Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

There’s a thrill that comes from packing a bag and setting off on an adventure, and it’s one that is felt by a lot of people making it. The first time one is getting ready to look at booking a flight and actually getting on it, there are some nerves that tend to pop into place. Therefore, air travel tips for first time travelers are important to understanding just how it can actually become a simple and convenient when education is in place. While this can’t cover possibly every single thing to know, these tips will help make that first time a little easier for everyone involved.

The Airport Book
The Airport Book

Have essentials all together in a carry-on bag

As any experienced flyer will tell you, the carry-on bag is where each person should focus their energy. This means that it should have all of the essentials needed in case the airline loses the luggage that is checked in at arrival. A change of clothes, toiletries and all of the papers and ID information should be in the carry-on. This may seem like overkill, but it will be important. It’s also good help in keeping the weight down on the checked bag, which will save money and time, too.

Know the restrictions

Certain airlines have restrictions on what can be brought on a plane and what can’t be. They also vary, too, so one size does not fit all in this kind of situation. Therefore, it’s important that research is done on the specific airline that is being used so that the most up to date information helps in packing and preparing. There are all sorts of lists online to give a general guide, but when it comes to the specifics, zoom in on the airline that will be used.

Check in luggage as soon as possible

When getting to the airport, checking in luggage should be one of the first priorities. The line can get long and move slowly, so getting it done first will ensure that it’s one less thing to worry about in terms of the timing process. Additionally, it makes sure that there is no lugging around additional things when moving throughout the airport, a blessing in a big way for anyone who has nerves or uncertainties – one less thing to lose.

Give plenty of time

There are certain times that all travelers must abide-to, especially when traveling internationally. These timings should be met, of course, but when it’s the first time that a traveler is going to be doing everything, arriving early is critical for making room and time for errors or mis-steps. From directions to slow movements and questions, the first time traveling through an airline requires giving lots of time to get through the entire process. There is no need to add a stressor of potentially missing the plane.

Use the trays for all metal things and other must-haves

When checking in through security, there are trays for placing shoes, jewelry, liquids and anything else that will need to be checked with a scanner. Make sure everything goes in this box, from carry-on bag to belts to shoes and more. Once this is done, each person will step through a scanner that – if the previous step is done incorrectly – may go off and require a body search to find what it is that was hidden or forgotten. Sometimes this happens innocently (especially when nerves are a factor), so remember that and place anything and everything in those trays.

Get help finding the assigned seat

When the time comes to actually board the plane, finding the correct seat can take a lot of time and effort. Allow the flight attendant to help in that process and listen to where they tell you to place your carry-on bag. From there-on, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the flight. Whether it’s on a big airline, or a smaller one, the experience of the actual flight itself is pretty similar and will seem relaxing in comparison to the hustle and bustle of the check-in, the security, and finding the correct seat. This other part will, of course, get easier as each person gets used to traveling.

Ask questions if uncertain

At any point in the process, asking questions is fine and recommended when something is unclear. While a lot of the attendants in the airport make a big deal out of answering anything that is out of the ordinary script, each person should have the right to answer those important questions. Or, ask people around you for guidance or instruction. It’s surprising how many people will eagerly give each person a boost in the right direction, understanding the confusion that comes with the first time.

Don’t forget to get the checked bag upon arriving to the destination

When arriving to your place, don’t forget to wait for the carousel to spit out the checked luggage. There will be a lot of people jostling for a spot, so head there as soon as getting off the flight to grab the bag. Also, make sure it is, in fact, the correct bag. ID tags are big sellers for a reason and prevent any embarrassing mishaps!

Air travel for the first time is overwhelming and can be confusing, but proper preparation, packing, and asking questions when needed will make it a lot better. Focus on the fact that everyone has to learn these steps, and that includes first-time travelers. Who knows, maybe the day will come when a new traveler will be looking for help, allowing us to become the experienced traveler in the situation.

These air travel tips will be the right guide to helping each person make their first time as smooth as possible, and that’s the point with every single point above. Perfect for time-saving and simple guidance, this is a step in the right direction.

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